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Vision & Mission

Charlyce's Passion is for All people to live a whole, healthy, fulfilling life. As a Christian Woman, she always takes Christ with her everywhere, and she shares her testimony and inspires people to keep moving no matter what the circumstances of your life are. Her passion was fueled mostly by her experiences with illness at a young age.  Music is her way to show and share love with all she comes in contact with. 


She plans to continue to speak and sing around the world raising awareness so people can live whole, fulfilling lives. She has made it her mission to educate, and raise awareness about Organ, Tissue, and Blood Donations worldwide, and to share her story in the process because we all have a story to tell, and a different road we've had to travel.  She always inspires and encourages others to share their story and give someone the much-needed hope.  Charlyce is the perfect singer/motivational speaker for every Occasion.

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